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Grano Foods Industries Private Limited

Grano Foods is providing the raw soya chaap at a very nominal cost which is 100% hygienic and fresh.Soya Chaap is one of the richest source of protien amongst all the food available now a days.100 grams of soya chaap contains approx. 35 grams of protien,55grams of carbs & 450 calories.Protein is responsible for making new muscles and repair cells and tissues. It is recommended by neutrition experts that on an average basis a normal person should get 50-70 grams of protien in regular diet.
We started Grano Foods as a solution for people like us who are looking for hygienic food in our lives. At Grano Foods, we try our best to achieve the quality standards that you will love for sure.We use best practices with amazing technology to provide hygienic frozen food.We don't use harmful chemical during the production of product.


Grano Foods Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh based company that was incorporated in September 2017. The company was established to produce high quality Frozen Veg Soya Chaap.
We have started to gain a significant position in the market as a manufacturer as well as a distributor and aim to mount higher by time. Our market is escalating as we offer high protein content A-grade soya chaap which is far much better than other companies at a reasonable price. Everyone in our team is all set to provide the best product by using the most advanced techniques and hygienic methods and they are working really hard to make sure that our customers are healthy and happy.


Our mission is to provide the best quality Soya chaap which is hygienic, delicious in taste and can be purchased at an affordable price. It is a win-win situation for us as well as the consumer because it comes with taste as well as health leading toward healthy and active life of our consumers. We aim at making a difference and to be the best in what we are set out to do. Also, help people pursue a healthy and active life . We believe that we can make a difference with our product we can help .


Our long-range vision is to become the leading Manufacturer of soya chaap and set industry benchmarks for sustainability. Also, providing the best quality and customer services along with the most reputable team.

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